The Phantom Parker

Driving a Rolls-Royce Phantom is often a very rewarding experience. Wafting along in the two and a half tonne work of art, could hardly be called hard work. Yet it is a very large motor car, and finding parking spaces large enough to suit, is not always easy. However one Scottish owner of a Phantom has come up with a way of parking his Phantom anywhere he likes. He regularly parks it on the yellow lines just outside his office in Glasgow.

“Mr Love cheerfully admits he’s happy to pay the fines, as long as he can keep his car close to his office. “I feel I am doing the council a favour,” he said. “I am giving them a bit of revenue.”

The local council can’t do alot about it, the car is too heavy to be towed away. So the wealthy Mr Love just keeps paying the fines. As a chauffeur I couldn’t possibly afford to flout the law in this manner, but for well-heeled owners like Mr Love, it is quite affordable and apparently many Glaswegians like spotting his Rolls-Royce Phantom. “We like it. We think he brings a bit of class to the street.”

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